10 Ways to Care For Your Branded Tablecloth

A branded tablecloth speaks volumes about your brand. For tradeshows, craft fairs, farmer's markets, and more, your branded tablecloth gets eyes on your booth and pulls your potential customers over for a look-see. 

Dressing up your tables is just as important as any other banner or sign you utilize for advertising your brand. With just 10 seconds for your brand logo to create an impression on someone, you'll want to use every tool at your disposal to get the word out.

Using a branded tablecloth is one of the best ways to boost your brand. But if you want to get the most use out of it, you need to know how to care for it.

We'll give you 10 ways you can care for your branded tablecloth and keep it looking its best for longer. Keep reading for more information. 

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1. Pre-Treat Stains on Your Branded Tablecloth Immediately

While your branded tablecloth is out in the open, stains such as dirt or grass stains and spilled beverages may occur. The longer a stain sits on your branded tablecloth's material, the harder it will be to remove it later on. Pre-treat stains as soon as possible for at least 10 minutes to prevent the stain from setting in.

Do not leave the stain pre-treater on your branded tablecloth for an extended amount of time either or it could damage or discolor the material. Always check to make sure any stain pre-treaters are safe for use on your branded tablecloth fabric first.

Club soda or paste of a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar can also work well to help pre-treat stubborn stains. A branded tablecloth coated with water or liquid repellant treatment is one of the best ways to prevent staining in the first place and is ideal for food booths and farmer's market displays.  

2. Spot Clean Your Branded Tablecloth First

To cut back on the need for washing your customized tablecloth, spot cleaning is preferable. Frequent laundering of your branded tablecloth can cause it to fade quicker. If you want to keep your branded tablecloth looking its best for longer, only clean the areas of your tablecloth with noticeable stains.

Use a stain pre-treater with a little mild detergent and a soft cloth to gently dab the affected area. Do not rub the stain with force or you could push the stain further into the material or damage the branded tablecloth. Let the detergent sit for about 10-15 minutes before applying clean water to rinse out the detergent.

Let your branded tablecloth air dry or place it in the dryer on the lowest heat setting. If the stain does not come out the first time, you can repeat the process again.

3. Never Use Bleach on a Colored Branded Tablecloth

Regular bleach is only meant for use on white fabrics. Using it on a colored fabric branded tablecloth can permanently discolor the material. With 80% of brand recognition tied to the color alone, you want to ensure your branded tablecloth stays vibrant and looking the very best it can be to represent your brand.

Only use non-chlorine-containing color-safe bleach. Dilute the color-safe bleach with warm water first before applying it to the material.

Never allow the bleach to sit on the material for long periods and do not let it dry onto the material. 5-10 minutes max is the allotted amount of time to treat the stain with the color-safe bleach. Any lengthy exposure may break down the fabric content and still alter the color of your colored branded tablecloth

Test a small amount of color-safe bleach on an unnoticeable area first to ensure the material will take the bleach first or check the fabric tags. Do not use more color-safe bleach than is recommended to try to get the stain out quicker. A little bit of bleach goes a long way. 

Materials like spandex are not safe for any type of bleach and can still be damaged by color-safe bleach products. 

4. Use Mild Detergent for Machine Washing Your Branded Tablecloth

Only use a mild laundry detergent when laundering your branded tablecloth in the washing machine. For spandex materials, hand wash in lukewarm water.

A low pH or pH neutral laundry detergent is preferable as it will not be too harsh on your branded tablecloth material.  Laundry detergent with a high pH level works well for removing tough stains from some fabrics but it can also be too corrosive on a tablecloth with a logo. 

Avoid also using fabric softeners as they may alter the flame retardant coating on the fabric's surface. 

5. Only Wash Your Branded Tablecloth by Itself

Avoid washing your branded tablecloth with other items. Only wash it separately to prevent the color transfer from other fabrics in the wash. This will also prevent your branded tablecloth from becoming damaged or tangled up with other items. 

Wash your branded tablecloth on a gentle setting in a washing machine or hand wash it in the appropriate water temperature depending on its fabric content and color.

Colored fabrics and delicate materials do best in cold water. Using water that is too hot can cause fabrics to shrink, fade, and wrinkle or cause stains to set in further. Warm water works well for linen, synthetics, and cotton fabrics.

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6. Do Not Professionally Dry Clean Your Branded Tablecloth

While it may seem like a good idea to have your branded tablecloth professionally dry cleaned, you should avoid this method. Dry cleaning chemicals can actually damage your branded tablecloth with a logo and cause the ink to run or the logo adhesive to peel off. 

7. Dry Your Branded Tablecloth Low and Slow

For spandex custom table covers, you should hang your branded tablecloth up to drip dry and do not put it in a dryer or it will shrink up and distort. 

Do not dry your polyester branded tablecloth on high heat. Only tumble dry your customized tablecloth on a low heat permanent press setting and remove it from the dryer promptly to prevent the build-up of wrinkles. You should also avoid over-drying your branded tablecloth.

8. Iron or Steam Out Any Remaining Wrinkles from Your Branded Tablecloth

For any remaining wrinkles not removed by normal washing and drying, you can take an iron to smooth out any creases or folds in the fabric. First, you should read the care instructions that came with your branded tablecloth to ensure the material can be ironed in the first place.

Set up an ironing board or a long table and place the branded tablecloth face down on the flat surface. Use a low-temperature setting on the iron and use the iron's built-in mister or a spray bottle to mist the fabric and smooth out each section as you go. Do not leave the iron on one area for too long.

Prevent your length of branded tablecloth from dragging on the floor and becoming dirty and re-wrinkled in the process. Allow your branded tablecloth to dry fully before folding up and storing. 

A handheld steamer can also help remove stubborn wrinkles. You can use it to touch up your branded tablecloth before setting up your tradeshow booth. 


9. Fold Your Branded Tablecloth Correctly

When removing your custom table covers to put away, following the correct folding of your branded tablecloth is also an important step to ensure that it requires minimal prep work before you need to use it again. This will cut down on the need to steam or iron out wrinkles which can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process.

You'll want to fold it in a way to reduce or prevent unwanted creases and lines. Always fold it neatly with the long sides together first, along the seams from corner to corner, and then fold the shorter sides together. Use the table as a guide to assist you with clean and straight edges and smooth it out as you go.

Your branded tablecloth should resemble a square or a rectangle with all edges evenly meeting up. 

10. Store Your Branded Tablecloth Properly

Once your branded tablecloth is properly folded, you will need to store it for use later on. Keep your branded tablecloth out of any areas where there is high humidity, wetness, or moisture that can lead to mold or mildew growth. Make certain that your branded tablecloth is fully dry before storing it as well.

Do not store your branded tablecloth in direct sunlight, which can fade, damage, or discolor it. You should also never store items on top of your branded tablecloth.

If you have a box or a bag for storing your branded tablecloth, always place it inside and secure it closed but never force or cram the tablecloth into the bag or box.

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10 How To Care Tips For Your Branded Tablecloth | Custom Tablecloths By Logoclothz

10 ways you can care for your branded tablecloth and keep it looking its best for longer. Keep reading for more information. 


10 How To Care Tips For Your Branded Tablecloth | Custom Tablecloths By Logoclothz

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