How to Choose the Right Custom Tablecloth for Your Event

Having a great theme is an important aspect of any personal or corporate event. It helps to set the tone for the day, creates a more memorable experience, and creates a warm and welcoming environment for people to get into the spirit of the event.

It's important to ensure that every aspect of your occasion is on-brand, and choosing the right custom tablecloth options is part of that. Here, we're going to talk about some ways that you can choose the best custom printed tablecloths for your venue. Read on to take your party planning game to the next level.


Understand Custom Tablecloths

Custom tablecloths are exactly what they sound like - event tablecloths tailored to match your specific theme. You can choose their color and style as well as the images printed on them. Generally, this means a logo of some kind.

Top-notch corporate custom logo tablecloths showcase brand imagery to build an environment that makes your event memorable to your clients.

For employee conferences and conventions, this logo-boasting décor can help everyone get in a professional mood and boost team camaraderie. At personal events like weddings, galas, and cocktail parties, you may choose to order custom tablecloths that showcase a personal "logo" image.

The best tablecloths are made with a process called dye sublimation or heat transfer. The dye-sublimation process marries the ink into the fabric using a 4-color printing process. It's ideal for multi-hued images that feature vibrant and eye-grabbing colors.

If you only have a single-colored design, a heat-applied vinyl transfer is likely the right choice. It's completely effective for quality fabric tablecloths. It also is less expensive than dye-sublimation options, so you can better fit your designs into your event budget.

Consider Your Event

When choosing a custom-made tablecloth, it's important to consider the event that you're attending. After all, its purpose is to match the theme of your event.

If you're in charge of decorating for a corporate event, you likely will want to choose a high-quality tablecloth that aligns with your brand imagery. This means using your business color as the backdrop for your printed logo. Your tablecloths will then likely match the rest of the décor while subtly nudging attendees toward your brand.

Since custom logo tablecloths should display brand imagery, you'll need to upload a high-resolution image of your logo. You can make these images any size. You can also choose whether you want to display one large logo across the entire tablecloth vs an all-over print that repeats the pattern multiple times.

Similarly, you'll need to match the theme of formal events when planning personal occasions. Weddings are one of the most common occasions that require personalized tablecloths because they make the entire space look classier. You can repeat images featuring the happy couple's names or initials to make the big day as special as possible.

Weddings and other formal events may also have other personal themes. Small floral patterns, tiny images of champagne glasses, and hand-drawn designs are all options here.

Know How Many Tablecloths You Need

When thinking about your event, it's important to accurately estimate the number of people that will be in attendance. You don't want some tables to look professional and amazing while others look unrefined.

Make sure that you don't order your tablecloths until all of your RSVPs are in. Count up those RSVPs, create a seating chart, and determine how many tables you're going to have. This will let you know how many of them to order.

Don't forget about tables that won't have seating, either. Some tables may serve as food stations, locations for silent auctions, or gift tables. It's important that these match the theme as well if you value cohesive décor.

It's a good idea to order a few more tablecloths than you think you'll need. Sometimes, unexpected guests will show up to a corporate event or additional family members will request places at a gathering. These are commonplace occurrences that you should be prepared for.

Measure Your Tables

Once you know how many tables will be at your event, it's time to measure them. This will let you accurately size your custom tablecloths so you don't need to worry about trying to unevenly cut them to fit later.

The measuring process is really straightforward for square and rectangular tables. Measure the width and length of the surface with a tape measurer and multiply the two numbers. This will give you the square footage necessary for your tablecloth.

Measuring round tables is a bit more challenging. The best way to do this accurately is to talk to a professional. They can help you make sure that you order the right size of tablecloths so that you don't waste your money.

It's also important that you measure the height of your table. If you want drape tablecloths that reach the floor, choose one that precisely matches your measurement. If you want something that only hangs halfway to the floor or a few inches over the edge of the table, that also can be arranged.

Choose a Custom Tablecloth Style

There are many different custom tablecloth styles - they aren't one-size-fits-all.

The most common tablecloth style is a stretch printed table cover. It's made from a polyester/spandex blend that fits right over the top of your table without a drape. Because it molds to the exact shape of your table, it's ideal for sleek and modern events (both professional and formal).

These tablecloths are made to fit a very specifically-sized table. They're tight and showcase vibrant imagery over a precisely-measured space.

Table throws are another tablecloth style that adds a sophisticated flair to your space. These fit loosely over a table and have a bit of a drape. They usually have a seam where panels are sewn together, but our experts have seamless throw options that can maximize your aesthetics' beauty.

Whether you want a fitted contour tablecloth or a throw tablecloth will depend on your specific tastes and preferences. Make sure to look at images of both options online so that you can make an informed choice.

Match Other Event Décor

It's important that your custom tablecloths match the other décor that you plan to display. This includes table skirting wraps that must match your base tablecloth precisely for a seamless look.

However, it also includes other design features of your event, including:

  • Wall tapestries and decorations
  • Portable displays
  • Pop-up canopy kits
  • Printed trash can covers
  • Signage and directories
  • The colors and design scheme of the venue itself

You'll need to visualize exactly what the room looks like and carefully contemplate what you can do to make your custom printed tablecloth fit.

Logoclothz offers many custom-printed display items that you can order alongside your tablecloths. This is definitely something to think about if you want to make your event as cohesive and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Find the Right Custom Printed Tablecloth Provider

Speaking of Logoclothz, it's important that you find a custom tablecloth company that will work with you to make your event perfect. Our experts don't just print tablecloths and other matching décor items. They also are knowledgeable in event decorations and will help you to create an aesthetic that perfectly meets your needs.

When choosing someone to help you print custom tablecloths, it's important to consider their knowledge of custom printing. It's important that they understand the ways that tablecloths can boost the recognition of your professional and personal brand. It's also essential that they know how you can pair them with other top-notch promotional items.

However, the most important factor in choosing a custom tablecloth printing company is material quality. You don't want a brand that's going to cheaply cut out low-quality cloth that you could find at a low-end department store. You want to invest in cloth that will actually withstand regular wear and tear.

Many tablecloths can be used over and over again at different events. This is especially true of those featuring business imagery. Make sure that you get something that will last a long time so that you get the most bang for your buck.

Order a Custom Made Tablecloth Today

Themed events are all the rage in 2023 regardless of whether they're professional or personal. Now that you know how to choose custom tablecloth options for your specific event, it's time to get started.

Logoclothz is committed to helping a wide range of people put logos and images on tablecloths of many styles. Whether you're a single buyer or a corporation looking to buy up to 10,000 tablecloths, we're excited to help you achieve your goals. Contact us to learn more about our services and get a quote for your project.

Last Updated: Jan 10th 2023

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