The Advantages of a Custom Table Cloth for Your Trade Show Booth


A recent study found that over 50% of people that visit trade shows are first-time visitors. Trade shows are a springboard for a variety of small businesses that way; they can reach a plethora of customers. They range from industry to industry and run at different times of the year.  

However, due to the number of vendors that occupy trade show floors, it can be hard to be noticed. That’s why you need a customized trade show table cloth. They can be expensive depending on the customizations you want to make and how large you want the cloth to be, although it’s certainly worth it. 

Recently, we investigated trade booths and how trade booth cloths positively affected overall sales and impressions, and you’ll be surprised to see what we came up with. 

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s an in-depth look at the advantages of a custom table cloth:  

It Makes Your Booth Stand Out 

When you’re at a trade show, you need to make yourself and your company distinctive from everyone else in the crowd, and what better way than with a customized table cloth. With a customized table cloth, you can use colors, patterns, your logo, or even pictures of your mission to make your booth stand out from the rest. 


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Create distinction for your booth with tablecloth color

For example, if you’re an engagement ring vendor, you can use imagery of engagement rings to entice your customers and make your booth unique. The more distinctive your booth is, the more people will want to inquire about your products or services. Think of it as advertising to get people interested in your brand. 

Be clear and concise in your marketing messaging

Like every advertisement, you need to ensure that your message is clear and concise. After all, a good trade show cloth doesn’t just introduce the company to customers; it communities who you are, what’s important to you, and what you strive for as a brand.  

Let’s look again at the engagement ring vendor example. You can see that instead of using a plain background with your company name, you could include a background image of a man proposing with one of the carefully crafted rings. Plus, you can include your company name and slogan in the forefront and emboss it. 

Think of how you can add imagery to enhance your message

This customized cloth not only advertises the love and commitment that the brand symbolizes, but it makes your booth stand out from other vendors. Its use of bright colors, concise and meaningful imagery attracts visitors to your booth. After all, it not only informs them of what your brand is about but what it can do for your customers. By standing out, you’re more likely to increase your customer base, boost sales, and spread awareness about your company. 

Spreads Awareness For Your Brand  

A custom table cloth educates consumers about your company before they even approach your booth. For example, consumers will learn your company name, logo, slogan, and social media handles by looking at the customized cloth. 

Introduce your brand front and center

Putting those details front and center introduces customers to your brand. From there on, they can decide whether to approach the booth or keep moving. If customers don’t have enough time, some customers may look you up on social media or instead go to your website to view your products or services based on what they saw on your table cloth. 

Get creative and spread your message to your customers with a custom table cloth.

The customized table cloth is thus spreading awareness for your brand by announcing your company to others. It makes potential customers knowledgeable about your brand from the get-go and even interested in buying from you. Take, for example, this scenario, if you were a fan of organic cheese and you passed a booth that said, “Dairy Cow: The Best Organic Cheese,” you’ll be more intrigued to stop by and sample its products vs. if the table cloth just said “Dairy Cow.”  

After all, many people will walk by your trade booth, and it’s likely the first thing they will see is the table cloth, so you need to introduce not only who you are but also what you do. By doing so, you’ll provide customers with enough knowledge and intrigue to approach your booth, purchase your products, or even mention your business to their friends, which will undoubtedly increase your brand awareness. 

Makes Your Booth Look Professional 

Ask yourself this, have you ever bought from a business that didn’t have a sign or a name of any kind? The answer is likely no because not having a name or a sign describing the goods in question makes the business appear untrustworthy and thus deceitful. Your trade show booth needs to have a sign depicting what company you represent, and what better way than with a customized table cloth. 


Keep your image classy and professional

Customizing a trade show table cloth will make your business look professional, legit, and experienced. You’ll distinguish yourself from the crowd, but you’ll look like you belong there with the rest of the experienced and best-rated vendors. By appearing professional, visitors will take your booth more seriously and inquire about your products or services and where to buy them. They’ll ask more questions and perhaps even purchase from you since they know you are trustworthy of their business.  

Demonstrate brand confidence

The customized table cloth symbolizes your brand’s confidence, mastery, and seasoned business prowess. So make sure the table cloth is bold, readable from afar, and utilizes a variety of color tones or patterns. You want customers to know your business is not only beloved by many but is good at what you do. That way, your brand seems approachable and friendly.  

At the end of the day, people look at what’s right in front of them, which at trade shows tends to be the table. By making the table presentable and marketable, you are succeeding in intriguing the customer and luring them in to pay money for your products and spread awareness for your company. 

It Promotes Cleanliness and Stability 

A table cloth is still a table cloth, whether purchased at a thrift shop or customized for trade shows, and as such, it promotes cleanliness. For example, with a table cloth, it’s easier to wipe away food crumbs that a visitor spilled or protect against spilled drinks and other stains. After all, you don’t want your booth to be cluttered with a visitor’s mess; it will only make your booth look dirty, which will prohibit anyone from approaching your booth. 

It’s crucial that you have an item like a table cloth that will make it easy for you to clean up your station while making your booth look professional and experienced. A table cloth will ensure that you can do both quickly and efficiently. 

Tablecloth is not just an advertising tool

Plus, the table cloth is much more than an advertising method; it has practical purposes that help sell and show off merchandise. For instance, since the fabric tends to be of a thicker consistency, the table cloth will be non-slippery which can help adhere certain items to the table’s surface. That way, they don’t fall off or can’t be pushed off easily.  

The table cloth thus makes it uncomplicated to not only advertise your product but also show off your merchandise. You don’t have to worry about setting down a case of fine jewelry, ceramic pots, or glasses; the dense woven material will help the fragile items not move around the table and slide around.

It will keep items in place; that way, visitors can look at your products safely and securely. Purchasing a table cloth for your trade show thus provides you with more advantages than just branding. It makes your booth clean and secure, which is needed if you’re going to sell items.  

Create a Custom Table Cloth For Your Trade Show Booth Today 

Trade shows are expensive, but creating a custom table cloth is not something you want to skimp on. After all, they are what introduce your company to visitors and effectively spread awareness for your company, so you must put in a lot of thought and effort into creating one. It also makes your booth look distinctive and professional.  

Since your booth and your company look so experienced, more people are likely to approach your booth and purchase your products or services. Just appearing to be knowledgeable can spread brand awareness, increase your customer base, and even boost your profits.   

Contact us today for more information about a custom table cloth. We look forward to helping you. 

Last Updated: Jan 11th 2023
Posted by: Logoclothz Media Crew 

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