Table Runners

Table Runners

Custom logo printed table runners give your event set up a professional, eye-catching look.

You will be sure to catch people’s attention and turn heads at any event without a huge investment. Perfect for school and church events, our digitally Printed Full Color Table Runner is the perfect piece to complete your vision at your next outing!

Customized Printed Table Runners

When your business is represented at a business expo, conference, school event, or other occasion, establishing your brand with striking visuals makes your company or organization more memorable.


LogoClothz can help. We produce high-quality, custom table runners for displays at any event where you need to stand out. Our table runners come in a variety of styles and sizes, with company logos and text printed according to your specifications. Digitally printed in full color and built to last, Logoclothz’s custom logo table runners promise to bring your brand instant recognition with eye-catching, bold imagery.

Logoclothz’s online ordering process is simple. Choose the size and shape you need and upload the image assets. We’ll always provide free artwork proofs within 90 minutes of your order, Mondays through Fridays between 8:30am and 3:30pm Eastern. After your approval, we render your image and info onto custom logo printed table runners that can’t be overlooked.

Our custom logo printed table runners make brand recognition easy and affordable. Let Logoclothz help others discover and remember your business.

Be Remembered with our Fully-Customizable, Full-Color Printed Table Runners

Table runners and displays in all configurations

Logoclothz distinguish themselves from their competitors with the quality of materials they use and the variety of sizes and products they offer. Your logo and imagery appear in full or partial size, in full or single color.

  • Full or logo print. Our table runners can feature full-length, compelling images to grab attention, or reprint your logo on a more limited area for a more subtle effect.
  • Top-quality materials. Logoclothz makes their custom logo table runners in your choice of materials:
    • Premium Polyester Poplin - a durable blend for everyday use
    • Supreme Knit - a “throw-style” fabric
    • Liquid Repellent - for standing up to the elements
  • Fire retardant materials. Logoclothz use slow-burning materials that can minimize or even prevent the spread of fire.
  • Custom style and sizes to fit every need. Our original custom table runners come in a variety of sizes according to your needs, from 30”x60” to 60”x90”, for tables between four and eight feet long. If you need a size we don’t list, we can tailor our product to fit your needs with a simple phone call.
  • Free artwork proofs almost instantly. Logoclothz gives you a complete look at what your final product should look like within 90 minutes of your order during normal business hours (Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 3:30pm Eastern time). You’ll have ample time to make changes before we even start on your job.
  • Fast turnaround and free shipping. Logoclothz can turn your table runner around in two to three days, or on a next-day rush for emergency needs. We use free UPS ground delivery to the lower 48 states.
  • Other branding solutions. Custom table runners are just a part of what we offer, which includes:
    • Full custom tablecloths
    • Custom table skirts and wraps
    • Portable banner displays
    • Pop-up canopies
    • Custom trash can covers

Customized printed table runners for a variety of events

Logoclothz’s custom logo table runners are high-volume, surefire attention grabbers perfect for a wide range of public and private events:

  • Business expos, trade shows and conventions. Industry gatherings are unbeatable networking opportunities where brand new acquaintances can quickly turn into new business. A custom table runner from Logoclothz can draw fast attention to your exhibit.
  • School functions and church events. Whether it’s a bake sale, block party, holiday gathering or orientation night, Logoclothz table runners give your organization high levels of visibility with discerning parents, kids and friends.
  • Open-air sales, street fairs and farmer’s markets. When you take your product or service directly to the people, a conspicuous visual image on a front table or pop-up canopy is a powerful tool to bring the crowds to where you are and help describe your business in a compelling, memorable way.
  • Experiential marketing teams. Direct-to-customer marketing events are extremely effective in creating an instant impact. Logoclothz can help build that impression to an entirely new customer base, with bold images that stay in the memory.

Our personalized table runners with logo will dress up your tables and really showcase your display. This budget-friendly table runner is a great, cost-effective way to add flare to your table. Use it separately or add a blank tablecloth to place under your customized table runners. With bright and vibrant colors or imagery, your design will surely be noticed.

The importance of building brand identity

Running a solid business is essential—but without awareness of your business, it’s hard to find much success. Strong visual branding is often the start of establishing that public identity. It’s how customers and patrons are most likely to find you in the first place. For small or new businesses, investing in brand identity is a must.


Especially at business events when you’re competing with other vendors for visibility, compelling imagery can serve as a statement of your professional character and viability. A business’s reputation is often made at conventions, trade shows and large sales events, so swiftly capturing attention in those gatherings can be crucial.

Logoclothz’s signature custom logo printed table runners were designed for those occasions. They give potential customers a strong idea of your messaging, approach, product or service, and go a long way in making your company more known to the public, particularly at mass events where other companies vanish in the swarm.

Visuals that stick in the mind

Visual strategies do a lot more than create recognition. Noticeable logos, text, or a combination of the two promote an idea of what you and your business are all about. They convey a message about who’s behind the brand, what you and your company stand for, even the perspective you bring. Creating a visual is almost a philosophical exercise to know yourself, but it’s also an effort to make others want to know you better.


Logoclothz’s custom table runners put your visuals on a big canvas. They bring your message to the forefront and make it stand out. We give your imagery the showcase it needs to make first impressions last, on high-quality materials you can use over and over again for multiple functions.

Every job we do comes with a free artwork proof within 90 minutes of your order, and our work doesn’t begin until each and every one of your requirements are met.

Your branding design on these custom table runners for trade shows will make a big impact! Look for package deals for big savings and long-term advertising! Use our templates and make your logo really stand out. Add a wow factor with color and create something that brings customers in – and BE REMEMBERED!

With Logoclothz you always GET