Printed Table Skirting - Wraps

Printed Table Skirting - Wraps

Table Skirting Printed With Your Logo or Brand 

Table skirting your table is a great option to create an eye-catching display for your brand. Logo printed table skirting ads a new level of quality and potential to your display event or school. These NFPA Fire retardant Polyester Poplin printed table skirts are available in 60 stock colors.

Full Color Printed Table Wraps and Skirts Choose from 3 Styles 

The price includes a full panel custom print. Displaying your business, school, or company name on the front panel. Choose from box pleat, shirred pleat, and flat table wraps.

Options include printing all-over the table skirt. With our fully-dye sublimated custom logo printed table skirts, you can choose to print the entire piece of fabric in full-color, or choose from 60 stock fabric colors and print your design on just the front panel. We then match the panel to stock color fabric.

How to select your printed table skirting

1. Choose the desired "style" of table skirting 

2. Select the length of the skirting you are needing for your display or tables

3. Select the printing method

More information and details from our blog post on Table skirting 

Custom Table skirts with logos will cover the sides of your table down to the floor creating a great opportunity to create a more attractive display.

Select one color for your table skirting and a contrasting colored table topper to cover the top of your table. Push your displays and tables to the next level with Custom table skirting with your logo.