11 Unique Ideas for Custom Tablecloths for Any Event

In 2022, the Trade Show and Conference Planning market is currently valued at $18.2 billion. Trade shows, conferences, and conventions are making a strong comeback after two years of COVID-19 uncertainty. 


These events and many others are ideal places to get your brand out there. But how do you stand out from all of the other booths and tables there? It's simple, a custom table cloth.

Custom tablecloths are a great way to get more eyes on your brand. They are an essential part of any event planning process.

Want to know more about the best ideas for custom tablecloths?

In this guide, we'll detail 11 unique custom table cloth ideas. Keep reading for further information below.

    1. One piece all over printed 8ft tablecloth
    2. 6ft Spandex stretch Table Cover
    3. Printed table skirting box pleated
    4. Flat wrap table covers all over print
    5. Regular pleat table skirting with logo
    6. Heavy weight Polyester knit table runner
    7. Liquid repellent table runner 60" wide
    8. 4ft Stretch table cover with all over print
    9. Fitted round table covers printed all over
    10. Cocktail table covers stretch and printed
    11. Round printed tablecloths full color

1. 8' Custom Tablecloth - One Piece with No Seam

The 8' Custom Tablecloth is a one-piece design throw event tablecloth with no seam. These custom tablecloths are made from sturdy 100% Polyester Poplin. Print your design edge to edge with an array of gorgeous colors for a full-color print that is sure to make your logo tablecloth get noticed. 

This material is NFPA 701 tested flame-resistant. It is also Prop 65 compliant as required by the state of California.

You can choose from the open-back 3-sided print design, which works well if you want to store products under the table, or the 4-sided closed-back design for an all-around table coverage. 

They are machine washable on the cool cycle and can be tumble dried on low heat.

2. 6' Spandex Stretch Table Cover with Logo 

An absolutely unique concept when it comes to custom tablecloth ideas. The 6' Spandex Stretch Table Cover with Logo gives your personalized tablecloth an added touch of customization combined with the versatility of spandex fabric.

Using stretch table covers with logo designs is a creative and smart way to market your brand. The spandex stretch table covers with logo designs come with reinforced sewn-in inserts. Place the inserts over the table legs for a firm grasp that won't fly off or displace, even in high winds.

16 robust color choices give your custom logo tablecloth a full-color high-definition sublimated all-over printed design. This custom table cloth will fit a table size 6' long x 30" wide x 30" high.


3. Printed Table Skirting with Box Pleat

The Printed Table Skirting with Box Pleat can help you find the right match for your table skirting. This custom table cloth accessory is made of a high-grade 100% Polyester Poplin material.

It is available in a palette of 60 color-matchable colors for a sublimated all-over print design with colors that last. You can find it in 13, 15, 17, and 21-foot size lengths. Table skirts come with clips and feature a 2" loop fastener on the back for simple attachment onto your display table.

This table skirt consists of an image printed flat panel on the front with a boxed pleat all around. Considered to be the formal style of table skirts, a box pleat is often used in special events like military graduation ceremonies and high-end boardroom meetings.

4. Flat Table Wrap with All-Over Logo Print

The Flat Table Wrap with All-Over Logo Print gives your table a precise and modern feel. A flat wrap is the new and popular skirt design. It doesn't use pleating but still provides a sleek and contemporary style suitable for DJ booths and restaurants. 

60 dazzling color options can easily match up to a variety of branding colors. The full length of your flat table wrap is printed using a full-color dye sublimation method throughout. It comes in 13, 15, 17, and 21-foot sizes.

This flat table wrap is also an interesting alternative to traditional custom tablecloths. The top of the table is open, but an optional topper can be added for an extra charge.

5. Custom Printed Logo Table Skirting with Regular Pleat

The Custom Printed Logo Table Skirting with Regular Pleat is one of the best custom tablecloth ideas for schools and trade shows. The regular pleat is a more casual option while still offering a professional appearance. 

You still get the myriad of color choices you can with the other custom tablecloth and printed table skirt options. The ink fuses into the fabric in the dye-sublimation printing method for an all-over color design. You can use this for a school spirit event tablecloth or for a branded tradeshow booth.

Like the other table skirt options, this is also available in sizes from 13ft-21ft. The 100% Polyester Poplin material is NFPA 701 flame-resistant and Prop 65 compliant.


6. Heavyweight Polyester Knit Custom Table Runner

With the Heavyweight Polyester Knit Custom Table Runner, you get all of the benefits of a personalized tablecloth in a more cost-effective form. Choose from one of our 71 bold colors or use your own custom color for an all-over print. It's also NFPA 701 tested fire-resistant.

A heavyweight 100% Supreme Polyester Knit Poplin fabric gives you a high-end, printed custom table runner that makes your table look top of the line for a fraction of the cost. But there's no skimping on quality with the highest-grade polyester knit fabric.

Rod inserts sewn into each end ensure that your custom table runner will always lay flat on your table. Select from 60", 72", 84" and 90" length runners all in 30" widths.

7. Custom Table Runner with Logo Liquid Repellent Fabric -60" Width

The 60" Wide Custom Table Runner with Logo provides a unique custom table cloth alternative. The full-color ink sublimation offers a distinct look in 71 dynamic colors. Your colorfast colors will last longer and the quality of your custom table runner will be more durable use after use.

Made from 100% Polyester Poplin Textile and treated liquid and water-repellent fabric. Any spills will bead up and roll off, not absorb into the fabric. This makes cleanup and maintenance of your custom table runner easy and quick. 

It comes in 60", 72", 84", and 90" lengths and is 60" wide. You can use it as a custom table runner or as a table banner with logo with your event tablecloth. 

8. 4' Spandex Stretch Table Cover with Logo 

Our 4' Spandex Stretch Table Cover with Logo comes in 16 striking colors. Or you can provide your own color for a truly personalized tablecloth. All-over dye sublimation printing gives your logo tablecloth a vibrant photo-quality look with brilliant coloring.

This stretchy branded tablecloth has a closed-back 4-sided design or a 3-sided design with an open-back design. Reinforced sewn-in table leg inserts make it simple to hold the logo tablecloth securely in place.

It is made with 210 GSM Polyester Spandex material that is wrinkle-resistant. An optional upgrade to 300 GSM offers a thicker premium fabric for prolonged use and durability.

Choose from a 30" standard, 36" counter, or a 42" table size for bar, pub, and demo use.  

9. Fitted Round Full Print Custom Tablecloths

The Fitted Round Full Print Custom Tablecloth is printed on an NFPA 701 fire-resistant Polyester Poplin, which is also stain-resistant and anti-wrinkling.

This custom tablecloth with logo design offers a full-color dye sublimation printing in 71 eye-catching colors. The color prints over the whole branded tablecloth with no restrictions. Choose a side logo, top logo, or a top and sides tablecloth with logo design print.

You can create a custom tablecloth in table diameter sizes from 24", 30", and 36" and table heights from 30", 36", and 42". Other custom overhang options are also available.

Select the liquid repellent option on the product to make it easier to wipe up spills. The liquid repellant coating will keep your branded tablecloth looking its best for longer. This option is preferable for an event tablecloth that will be used in the food and drink industries such as wineries, breweries, casual eateries, and other establishments.


10. Printed Stretch Table Covers with Logo for High Cocktail Tables

Printed High Cocktail Stretch Table Covers with Logo are made from Premium Polyester Spandex with reinforced leg pockets for a sturdy and secure wrinkle-free fit around the table legs. It's one of the best custom tablecloth ideas for your event planning needs.

You won't have to worry about flyway tablecloths for outdoor events on windy days. These custom tablecloths are made in the USA with a high-quality sublimation printing process for a rich and vibrant lasting color.

Choose from 16 fabric colors or provide your own color for even an even more personalized tablecloth. For a 36" round and 42" tall size for Cocktail High Boy Tables. It is also available in a 30" round and 42" tall size. 

For these stretch table covers with logo designs, you can put your logo on the top only, the sides only, or on both the top and the sides.  

11. Round Printed Custom Tablecloths

These Round Printed Custom Tablecloths are perfect for commercial use by car dealerships and manufacturers, as well as fragrance companies and in-store product launch promotions and demonstrations.

They are also excellent to use on high cocktail tables as promotions for liquor companies, craft breweries, and martini bars. They work well for event branding at tasting booth expos as well.

This custom table cloth is made from NFPA 701 fire-resistant 100% Polyester fabric. There are 71 vibrant color options available and 8 different diameter sizes from 60"-120". Choose from a logo on the top, logo on the top and sides, logo on the sides, or an all-over repeat print design.

It is machine washable on a cool cycle and dryable on low heat, and features a seamless one-piece throw style.


Find Unique Logo Printed and Personalized Custom Tablecloths from Logoclothz 

Custom tablecloths are so much more than just a pretty table covering. They are a powerful marketing tool that can get your business or organization noticed. They're also great for adding a personalized touch to almost any event. 

Logoclothz believes in the power of using a custom logo table cloth as a promotional tool. With bright colors and crisp logo design detailing, you can't help but to get noticed. Customizing a tablecloth doesn't have to be difficult. Logoclothz can help you bring your custom tablecloth ideas to life.

Contact Us today with any order questions or comments you may have. 

Last Updated: Jan 10th 2023
Posted by: Logoclothz Media Crew 

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