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Buy Custom Tablecloths for 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 8ft event and display tables.

Welcome, below you will find all of the printed table covers that we offer. You may browse the products in this category, however, we would suggest sorting the products by table size. Sorting the products will make your selection and decision process easier and less confusing.

How to Search For Your Logo Printed Tablecloths, Runners, Skirting and more

Using the filters below on the left of the screen you can search all of products on our website. Searching for a logo printed 6 foot tablecloth? Narrow your search with a filter and choose directly from this results page. You will then be taken directly to that product page without have to surf the website.

We have categorized our products by table size. Got a 6-foot table? On the main menu above select your table size, so off you go to the 6ft table cover category where you will be presented with every option for your sized table.

Last Updated: July 7th 2023

Common event/display table sizes

Table sizes for display, folding and
trade show 30 inch and 36 Inch height

Most common bar and demo 
height table dimensions:
4ft tables are 4'L X 24"W x 30"H And 36"H
5ft tables are 5'L X 30"W x 30"H And 36"H
6ft tables are 6'L X 30”W x 30”H And 36"H
8ft tables are 8'L X 30”W x 30”H And 36"H
4ft tables are 4'L X 24"W x 42"H
6ft tables are 6'L X 30”W x 42”H
8ft tables are 8'L X 30”W x 42”H