Custom Tablecloths

Custom Tablecloths

Buy Custom Tablecloths for 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 8ft event and display tables.

Welcome, below you will find all of the printed table covers that we offer. You may browse the products in this category, however, we would suggest sorting the products by table size. Sorting the products will make your selection and decision process easier and less confusing.

How to Search For Your Logo Printed Tablecloths, Runners, Skirting and more

Using the filters below on the left of the screen you can search all of products on our website. Searching for a logo printed 6 foot tablecloth? Narrow your search with a filter and choose directly from this results page. You will then be taken directly to that product page without have to surf the website.

We have categorized our products by table size. Got a 6-foot table? On the main menu above select your table size, so off you go to the 6ft table cover category where you will be presented with every option for your sized table.

Last Updated: July 25th 2022

Common event/display table sizes

Table sizes for display, folding and
trade show 30 inch and 36 Inch height

Most common bar and demo 
height table dimensions:
4ft tables are 4'L X 24"W x 30"H And 36"H
5ft tables are 5'L X 30"W x 30"H And 36"H
6ft tables are 6'L X 30”W x 30”H And 36"H
8ft tables are 8'L X 30”W x 30”H And 36"H
4ft tables are 4'L X 24"W x 42"H
6ft tables are 6'L X 30”W x 42”H
8ft tables are 8'L X 30”W x 42”H

What printing method do we use for tablecloths

Logoclothz uses the latest dye-sublimation printing process for the digitally printed table covers and a thermal heat set urethane image or heat transfer for our one-color imprinted table covers. For a more durable product and for any detailed image that contains more than one color you would want to order the dye-sublimated table cover.

With dye-sublimation, the ink is married into the fabric and is printed using a 4-color printing process. If looking to save some money and you only want to print a simple, one-color design then you may consider ordering the one-color printed table cover which is printed using a heat applied vinyl or heat transfer.

What are the most common custom table cloth styles?

The most common styles of printed table covers are the fitted table cover, table throw, and spandex table cover. The stretch printed table cover will stretch when put on your table and is made from a blend of spandex and polyester.

The stretch is what attracts most customers to purchasing the spandex cover as it contours to the shape of your table, giving it a sleek appearance.

Both the fitted table cover and table throw are made from polyester poplin as the material allows printers to achieve bright and vibrant colors when printing. The fitted table cover is made to fit one specific size and will fit tightly when putting on your table.

In comparison, the table throw fits a bit loosely over the table and you just toss it on your table. All fitted covers and most table throws will have a seam where each panel is sewn together during production except for our products titled seamless throws.

logoclothz manufactures round custom tablecloths in both a throw style and a fitted contour style. Offering Polyester Poplin and Spandex Poly blend for the rounds.

Online ordering "Instant visual rendering"

Not only will you see all product offerings here but you will be able to preview your custom option selections as you customize your table cover. Each time you select your fabric color, imprint color, pleating options, closing and height options you will see an instant rendering of your custom printed table cover.

Why? We have created a dedicated service for promotional products that we are passionate about. This ensures you get the very best personal & professional customer service from people who are experienced and confident in our products.

Corporate and Wholesale Printed Tablecloth Supply Chain

Logoclothz is very experienced in supplying to specified RFP's from Corporations, Education authorities, Government and the healthcare sectors. We will manufacture and distribute it directly for you.

Working with our corporate business manager we will price, manufacture and distribute your custom tablecloths taking the headache out of the whole process for you. Contact Ryan at 833 420 5646 with your requests for pricing.

Logoclothz always provides

Logoclothz completely understands the industry, your needs, and expectations and for these reasons, we are known for putting the "Pro in Promotional table covers."

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First time ordering custom printed tablecloths? 
If you are needing more details about the whole process Read our Blog - 15 Key Points when ordering a printed cover.

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