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Advertising and Brand Marketing With Logo Tablecloths

Branded promotional products personalize your event and your customer experience to increase exposure and recognition for your brand.

The following articles have been written to inspire and give you ideas how you can use the power of promotional tablecloths as well as other quality promotional items to increase your brand awareness and loyalty. 

promotional tablecloths

10 Places to Use a Personalized Tablecloth for Brand Promotion

More than 50% of consumers view a brand in a favorable way after receiving a promotional item. This goes to show that customized items have a positive effect on your audience and should be included in various ways. 

One way of incorporating them is through décor such as a personalized tablecloth to enhance your display or setting. You can attract and interest your audience with solid branding components like these. More info on personalized tablecloth


10 Care Tips For Your Branded Tablecloths

A branded tablecloth speaks volumes about your brand. For tradeshows, craft fairs, farmer's markets, and more, your branded tablecloth gets eyes on your booth and pulls your potential customers over for a look-see. 

Dressing up your tables is just as important as any other banner or sign you utilize for advertising your brand. With just 10 seconds for your brand logo to create an impression on someone, you'll want to use every tool at your disposal to get the word out. Read more on Branded tablecloth care


Get Branded Tablecloths for Your Next Event

A customized tablecloth is a material that can come in handy in a wide range of events. You'll need to set up tables in many places, and you must ensure they reflect your brand. 

Make sure you're ready with personalized tablecloths wherever you host your event. Logoclothz will get you covered with a quality personalized table cloth for your brand. Contact us today to create customized promotional items for your business.