Garbage Can Covers

Branded Garbage Can Covers - Transform Your Space with Custom Printing

Keep your event, school, or arena clean and stylish with custom printed garbage can covers from Logoclothz. Available for trash cans with or without wheels, we have a solution for all garbage cans. These stretch fit spandex covers are fully machine washable and durable, ensuring a professional look for your space.

Customizable Printing & Design

Designed to slip over the outside of a trash can, the stretch spandex material allows this custom printed trash can cover to easily slip over the can, whether it has wheels or not. Make your space stand out with full-color designs and branding that fully cover the garbage can, giving it a branded and professional look.

Product Specifications: Customize Garbage Can Covers with Your Print

Trash Can Cover Fabric Specification and Care

Recycle Logo or Branded Marketing Opportunity

Custom printed trash and garbage can covers not only help mark recycle trash cans, metal or aluminum-only cans, plastic, and more, but they also offer a unique and stylish way to promote your business, school, military branch, organization, or sports team.

Transform Your Space with Logo Printed Trash Can Covers

Completely transform an athletic field, campus grounds, arena, or any event space from a dull venue to one that evokes the spirit of your brand with logo printed trash can covers from Logoclothz. Elevate your branding and keep your space clean and organized with our custom printed garbage can covers.

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