Printed Trash Can Covers

Custom Printed Trash Can Covers

There's money in the trash as the saying goes and printed trash and garbage can cover's are probably the best example of that phrase.
If you are hosting an event or events regularly then why not market and brand your trash cans for maximum advertising and marketing exposure to your audience using Logoclothz custom printed trash can cover's.

Put these stretch spandex trash can covers over your existing trash cans for a new look, or to ensure people know your cans are for recycling or aluminum only.

Better still if you have regular events at your location its time to make some extra money by offering your 32, 44 and 55-gallon trash cans as marketing billboards and a revenue opportunity for your organization.

These covers are manufactured in the USA from stretch spandex and are printed all over so there is no limit to the print. Available for trash cans with or without wheels we have a solution for all garbage cans. Custom printed in full color these covers are fully machine washable.

Manufactured for 32 Gallon 44 Gallon and 55 Gallon trash cans with or without wheels.