10 Places to Use a Personalized Tablecloth to Promote Your Brand

Posted by Team Logoclothz on Nov 24, 2023

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10 Places to Use a Personalized Tablecloth to Promote Your Brand

But how effective can customized tablecloths be for promoting your brand? Here are ten places where you should consider using them for your campaigns.

  1. Conferences and conventions
  2. Trade Shows
  3. City Centers or Designated Public Spaces
  4. Community or Cause Fundraisers
  5. Workshops
  6. Virtual Displays
  7. Office Tables
  8. Prospect and Customer Homes
  9. Brand Anniversaries
  10. College Campuses

More than 50% of consumers view a brand in a favorable way after receiving a promotional item. This goes to show that customized items have a positive effect on your audience and should be included in various ways. 

One way of incorporating them is through décor such as a personalized tablecloth to enhance your display or setting. You can attract and interest your audience with solid branding components like these.


1. Conferences and Conventions

Industry conferences provide a perfect place to showcase your brand. Many conferences will bring a large audience, creating a platform to show off your brand.

When preparing for a conference, ensure your brand leaves a memorable impact on your audience. With a unique technique, your booth stands out and helps you attract the right prospects.

One of the strongest touch points in any conference stand is your tables. Your prospect will need a comfortable setting to pay attention to you. Your tables must reflect your brand, and this is where your personalized table cloth comes in.

Your prospects or industry leaders need to have no doubt they're engaging with the right brand. A proper and consistent setup can be a mark of assurance for your prospects. Customized logo tablecloths will complement and help to complete your setup.

Think about ways to help attendees interact with your branded tablecloths during conferences. Offer some branded cookies and drinks and serve them on your branded setup. More people will gravitate to your booth and see your custom table covers.

2. Trade Shows

Trade Shows are one of the best hunting grounds for new leads and sales. There's no doubt they can also be an effective place to use your customized logo tablecloths. 

93% of field marketers believe tradeshows are an effective marketing medium. And in North America, 23% of business owners admit that tradeshows are the top meeting type. 

If you're planning to participate in a tradeshow, you would want to figure out how to maximize your investment. It's not easy to stand out in these events, mainly due to the buzz synonymous with many fairs. 

The culprit behind failure in trade fairs is often the exhibiting space. Yet, the third significant expenditure in exhibiting is the booth itself. How do you build a successful tradeshow booth?

Remember, simplicity is the way to make a statement. Exhibiting in a tradeshow is all about ensuring your brand stands out. Don't overthink your design, but focus on custom accessories to bring out your brand. 

One thing you won't want to miss out on at your reception or guest tables is your personalized tablecloth. As you focus on making your guests comfortable, remember to reinforce your brand. 

3. City Centers or Designated Public Spaces

Your town or city may have designated public spaces that you can use to showcase your products. A booth in these spaces comes with an element of surprise that will delight passersby.

Public spaces have a marketing boon because they can help you draw brand attention without too much pre-hype. You can attract new leads as long as your booth is a conspicuous spot and in a high-traffic area. 

Sometimes setting up in public spaces is as easy as installing a tent, adding a table, and some seats. A branded tent and customized logo tablecloth on your tables can quickly form an attractive booth. 

Displaying your brand in public spaces will help you reach new prospects. This form of marketing will help you spread the word about your brand to new audiences. Your branded tools, such as tablecloths, will stamp your brand on your prospects' minds. 

But impromptu product display events can sometimes fail. Your prospect won't trust you on the spot. But your branded tablecloth and tents can deliver a professional feel to assuage their fears. 

logo tablecloth coffee ad

4. Community or Cause Fundraisers

If you know how to promote fundraisers using custom printed tablecloths, you should participate in the next one. This is one place that can help you substantially enhance your brand image.

Community fundraisers pool together people invested in a particular cause. Your participation can show your support and help to appeal to your audience. You could donate your branded tablecloth or host a branded fundraiser to show your commitment to your community.

Advertising can often cost thousands of dollars. Showcasing your brand in your backyard is cheaper than many strategies. If your community doesn't interact with your brand, you're missing a golden branding opportunity.

Community fundraisers usually need a proper setup to help with all fundraising activities. Events like art shows, dinner parties, eating contests, galas, or game nights allow you to use your personalized tablecloth. 

5. Workshops

Hosting workshops can help bring together industry stakeholders and clients in one place. This gives you room to build thought leadership and also advertise your brand.

The best thing with many workshops is people spend a lot of their time indoors and sitting. A proper setting allows them to enjoy a drink during speaking sessions. 

Your hosts will remember your event if you serve them a great meal. Conversations about your kind gesture may drift to how you present your brand.

Any table setting, whether in your workshop or dining room, is a chance to divert some attention to your brand. A table setting covered with your custom tablecloths can go a long way for your brand. 

6. Virtual Displays

If you're hosting a virtual event, you've to figure out appropriate moments to reinforce your brand. Driving your point home with these events can be pretty tricky. You're never in control of your audience's environment. 

A branded setup with personalized tablecloths on your tables can make a big difference. Your attendees will interact with your brand visuals whenever they pay attention. 

A virtual event can attract an even larger audience than many in-person events. Your brand visuals can gain immense attention and help publicize your brand. 

A branded display is essential when hosting virtual events. Remember, your fans can easily share around with their followers. If your personalized tablecloths stand out, your campaign will leave a lasting impression on your audience. 

7. Office Tables

Advertising with table covers may seem tricky until you think about using your pieces in your office. Personalized tablecloths are one way you can stamp your brand on your walk-in prospect's mind.

Besides, your office is another valuable touch point for your brand. This is the place your customers, partners, and prospects will think about visiting. Your printed tablecloths can make your office attractive, memorable, and professional.

Talking or engaging your clients in person will leave them thinking about your vibe as a brand. You need several interactions to ensure they recall your brand. Branding tables with personalized clothes provide an extra chance to boost their recall. 

8. Prospect and Customer Homes

There's no more powerful way to front your brand to your prospects than to put it into their homes. Think about your prospect interacting with your branded tablecloths in their study or gaming room. 

Custom printed tablecloths as giveaways will help take your brand to your recipient's home. Your customers will appreciate it while you celebrate a rare chance to advertise in their homes.

Personalized table covers can also help you advertise through other businesses. As giveaways to local restaurants and pubs, these assets can act as free publicity. Local businesses, especially catering businesses, can give your brand immense exposure. 


9. Brand Anniversaries

Brand anniversaries provide an excellent platform to talk and interact with your clients. Your marketing team may overlook them. But they are one effective way to connect and bond with your customers. 

Hosting anniversaries allow you to show your unique personality to your audience. Personalized table covers can be a way to build momentum and show your professionalism.

Your branded tablecloths can beautify your setting by elevating your anniversary theme. It's one of the subtle and genuine forms of advertising to grab your customer's attention.

Celebration begets excitement which can be infectious. When you invite your customers for a celebration, they'll be there to help you promote your brand. Surprise them with a gift of a personalized table cloth to inspire them to spread your message. 

10. College Campuses

If your audience is youthful, college campuses are the best places to take your personalized tablecloth. College audiences are unique and energetic. No wonder campuses are a place you can quickly boost brand engagement.

An easy way to showcase your brand to college students is to attend college events. College administrators can allow you to set up a base during these events. Branded tablecloths will help set apart your booth, especially in crowded college events. 

Get Personalized Tablecloths for Your Next Event

A personalized tablecloth is a material that can come in handy in a wide range of events. You'll need to set up tables in many places, and you must ensure they reflect your brand. 

Make sure you're ready with personalized tablecloths wherever you host your event. Logoclothz will get you covered with a quality personalized table cloth for your brand. Contact us today to create customized promotional items for your business.


Personalized Tablecloths & Covers 10 Best Places To Use For Your Brand and Product Promotions

10 best places to use a Personalized Tablecloth to promote Your Brand and Products

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Personalized Tablecloths & Covers 10 Best Places To Use For Your Brand and Product Promotions


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